US Airborne History

Military Scouts of America

Military Scouts Christian Service.

Commander: Brigadier General
Officer Staff: 1 Colonel, 1 Lt Colonel, 2 Majors, 2 Captains,
2 First Lieutenants, 2 Second Lieutenants,

Enlistment Staff: 2 Chief Warrant Officers, 2 Warrant Officers, 2 Command Sergeant Majors, 2 Sergeant Majors,
Enlistment Troop: 4 Master Sergeants, 4 Sergeant First Class, 8 Staff sergeants, 8 Sergeants, 16 Corporal, 8 Specialist,
32 Private First Class, 32 Privates.

General Orders:

Homeless Shelters. Troops will participate in homeless activities to help bring awareness to the issue.
This is a voluntary Troop merit. Troops are not required to participate.

Write an essay on who God is to you.

Write an essay on the importance of compassion for your fellow man.

Pledge of Allegiance & Oath

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