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Military Scouts Esprit De Corps.

28 Points Of Light.

God: Is the giver of all life and from whom all blessings flow.

Prayer: For Wisdom, knowledge, guidance and understanding to God's will, purpose, truth and direction.

Freedom: Is the inalienable God given right of every living person to choose one's own destiny.

Courage: Is the strength and ability to conquer one's fear and go on.

Duty: Is that which is greater then yourself and is required of all free people, to set aside one’s personal needs for the good of the whole.

Honor: Is from humility being true to yourself with the greatest respect and admiration from those around you. No Humility, No Honor.

Patriotism: Is to answer the call of duty for the love and support of the country and to give the best of your service to the good of the people.

Discipline: Is a code of conduct and action to achieving a level of perfection in the things you do.

Devotion: Is loyalty and self-sacrifice to a call of duty.

Compassion: Love of God, Love of fellow man, love of country.

Structure: Solid as a rock. A physical force to be reckoned with, a pillar of strength.

Self-Esteem: Harness the courage to stand tall in the light of who you are and to thy own self be true to the potential that is inside you.

Independence: The magnitude force of one being self sufficient to rely on the essentials of your own merit.

Self-Awareness: Physically, mentally and spiritually fit to the full quality of life.

Self-Reliance: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

Strength: Is the power of the mind, body and soul of your being and achieving the ability to control it.

Personal Responsibility: Is the self awareness that your actions is what defines who you are.

Responsibility To Others: Is being thy brothers keeper in God's commandment to love thy brother as thy self.

Success: Is the reward of hard work and dedication to a goal that is achieved through discipline.

Productive: Is when you can give back more than what you take.

Character: Is the self conscience to do good that others see in you a light and a desire to be in that light.

Leadership: Is the confidence and courage to pick up the fallen flag and run forward into battle, "Follow Me".

Morality: Is the conscience of being in self denial to do what is right and good in the eyes of God for his purpose and not your own.
His light, not yours.

Integrity: Is to stand for honest principles with an unbending knee. To give of your life for the true cause of life and freedom.

American Exceptionalism: Proud to be an American. The pillar of Freedom and Democracy
The heritage of a compassionate strong free people to be the greatest country in the history of the world. The guardian of Liberty and Justice.

Respect For The Rule Of Law: Is the foundation of freedom and civility and the promise of morality.

Human Rights: The dignity of every person the right to choose his or her own path and no one has the right to take it away.

Defense Of The Home Guard: Is the duty of every able body American who desires to be Free.

The American Spirit. Be Prosperous - Live Free.

The Pledge & Oath

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