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Military Scouts of America

General Command & Staff

Commander: 2 Star Major General
Officer Staff: 1 Brigadier General, 2 Colonels, 2 Lt Colonels,
4 Majors, 4 Captains, 8 First Lieutenants, 8 Second Lieutenants,

Enlistment Staff:1 Command Sergeant of the Military,
4 Chief Warrant Officers, 4 Warrant Officers,
4 Command Sergeant Majors, 8 Sergeant Majors,

Enlistment Troop: 8 Master Sergeants, 8 Sergeant First Class,
16 Staff sergeants, 16 Sergeants, 32 Corporal, 16 Specialist,
64 Private First Class, 64 Privates.

Pledge of Allegiance & Oath

US Pentagon History

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