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Patriot Colonial America.

Military Scouts of America

   Division Headquarters: Camp Liberty, 116 Holly Lane, Pikeville TN
Creed:  God Country Freedom Courage Duty Honor.

Troop:  Boys & Girls  Ages 12 - 17
Motto:  Prepared & Ready.
Battle Cry:   Stand Tall - Be Free!
Heritage:  Guardians Of Liberty.
Mission:  Military Training And Survival.

      Brigades of the 1st & 2nd Division

101st Airborne Scout.
3rd Armor Scout.
42nd Field Artillery Scout
3rd Infantry Scout.

    Military Scouts Objective:
     To teach discipline, devotion, vigilance, honor, structure and integrity.
     To encourage independence, self-reliance, civility and a responsibility to self and others.
     To instill a desire to be a pragmatic and productive member of society as a model citizen.
     To build character, wisdom, leadership, morality and a positive self-esteem.
     To educate in the US Constitution, American history and American exceptionalism.
     To inspire devotion and respect for freedom, the rule of law and human rights.
     To prepare in strength for the defense of the Home Guard and its survival.
     To be the inherent descendants of the land, the American spirit and the American way of life.

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Call or Text:  423-607-0216
Help Us Build A Fort At Camp Liberty.

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The MSA Is Not Just For Teenagers - It's For Parents Too.

Pro God, Pro Prayer, Pro Truth, Pro Life, Pro Freedom, Pro Country, Pro Constitution,
Pro Military, Pro Rule of Law, Pro Education, Pro Capitalism, Pro Democracy.