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The Military Scouts of America (MSA) is a pro life conservative military educational training organization dedicated to the cause of preserving liberty.

Our chief operating goal is to encourage and train young people from ages 12 to 17 to be responsible and good American citizens with a call for duty to God and Country.

To honor the flag and what it stands for.

That life and freedom is the inevitable God given right of every living person and to respect and to protect that right.

To cherish, preserve and embrace the American way of life.

To be prepared and ready in the defense of our country.

To support and defend America and the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

To practice and pursue peace and tranquility above war.

To acknowledge that peace comes from strength and that strength is the responsibility of those in authority to insure liberty and justice for all.

The MSA Doctrine; "Peace Through Strength".

The MSA is a private organization with the purpose to train and prepare young people for Military service, either as a future soldier of the United States of America or as a Free patriot citizen.

The MSA teaches American history, The US Constitution, American exceptionalism, military history, military tactics, Biblical principles, physical endurance, educational choices and the self determination and willingness to make great things happen.

The MSA is a non denominational organization rooted in Christian principles passed down from our American Forefathers from which this country was founded.
The MSA is open to all people of all faiths.

The MSA pledges its duty and allegiance to “We The People” of the United States of America, to the US Constitution and to those service branches of America who are sworn to uphold and defend it.

The MSA is a “For Profit” organization. As patriots, we pay taxes.
Troop Families share in the profits.

The MSA organization is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to participate as a member and will abide by its rules, regulations and bylaws.
Troop Associates (Adult Volunteers) who join MSA must take an honor and loyalty oath to the flag of the United States, to the US Constitution and a loyalty pledge to the MSA Troop with whom you serve.
MSA Associates and Volunteers are recruited from parents and guardians of the Troop.
Parents wear the Historic Honor Patch AF (Allied Forces) the same Patch as a 1 Star Lieutenant General.
MSA Associates (parents or guardians) enter the MSA Troop ranks as an officer starting at First Lieutenant, Captain or Major if a veteran, and may advance to Colonel.

Cost to be a Military Scout is $800 Per Year or $75 per month, ages 12 - 17.

Troops will participate in Troop Meets, Troop Bivouacs, Troop Maneuvers, and Troop Posts.
Troops will also participate in march & parade, memorial ceremonies and special events.

The MSA participates in troop fund raising and gives a 30% share of the profits to charitable organizations voted on by the troop.

The MSA Does NOT Use “Live Fire” Ammunition.
The MSA standard army rifle is a tactical style Air Rifle.
Standard Ammo – Pellet.   Troops rifle is to be kept unloaded and never is the rifle to be loaded except on the firing range with a qualified shooting instructor. No Exceptions, Military Rule.

The MSA DOES NOT teach scouts to kill. We teach scouts how to hit a target, gun safety and individual responsibility.
The MSA DOES NOT "Fix Bayonets". Bayonets ARE NOT used in the Military scouts.
The MSA does teach scouts how to throw hand grenades. Hand grenades are hollowed out dummies thrown at targets to evaluate scouts skill, distance and ability.

Troops enter the Military scouts at the rank of Private and can advance to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Troops who show extreme courage in the field and a ready willingness to make a positive difference in their community will be awarded the highest honors including the
"American Esprit De Corp" medal.

Troops will receive an historic US Army patch for each rank advancement in the Troop.
The Historic Patch is a badge of honor and of hard work and is worn on a black sash only for ceremonial events and special occasions to honor American veterans who have served our military.

Troops will deploy to go on camp bivouacs, go on maneuvers, march and drill, perform goodwill acts in the Community, participate in parades and honor guards, and learn the basics to being a good American soldier.

Troops will earn MSA Merit Badges for activities required for the advancement in rank.

It is the goal and purpose of the Military scouts of America to teach young people in a military manner that success comes from dedication and hard work and that everyone has the potential within themselves to make a positive contribution.
It is the duty of all persons living.

The MSA is an equal opportunity organization and is open to all persons regardless of age, color, national origin, race, religion, or creed.

Welcome To The Military Scouts of America.

MSA Associates Regulations.

MSA Troop Rules & Regulations.

The Pledge & Oath

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