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MSA Troop Rules and Regulations.

The MSA is a private organization with the purpose to train and prepare young people for Military service, either as a future soldier of the United States of America or as a Free patriot citizen.

MSA Troops have a camaraderie of brotherhood that is rooted in American heritage and in the American spirit.

Recruits must be between the ages of 12 – 17, boys and girls.

Recruits must pledge allegiance to the Flag, to obey the laws of the United States and to defend the US Constitution.

Recruits must memorize the first 5 of the 11 General Orders and the preamble to the US Constitution before becoming an MSA Troop.

Troops must at all times listen and obey the orders of the commanding officers and those of a higher rank. Any conflicts or confusion of an order that might cause risk to a Troops life or moral conscience can and shall be reported to the field officer for clarification. No officer may give an order that might jeopardize or put at risk the life of any Troop. Troops do have the right to say NO to any order that might put that Troops life at risk. The MSA at no time in our military training program will ever be negligent to put at risk the life of any Troop member. All safety procedures will be observed and met for all conventional Troop activities. All activities must be approved by the staff of the Commanding Officer. Violation of this general order is cause for immediate dismissal. No Exception, military rule.

Troops are responsible for their own actions, at a Troop meet, in the field or in the community.

Troops will respect the rights of other Troops.

Troops will not participate in hazing or bullying of any kind.
It is the responsibility and a requirement of all Troop to report any infractions that might bring dishonor to the Corps. Failure to report any knowledgeable infractions is the same as being complicit to the infraction committed.

Troops must attend at least 3 out of 5 Troop meets or bivouacs to be considered for rank.

Troop meets are held at least once a month. Troop meets are for Troop education, Troop training and Troop business. Troop meets will always begin with a prayer and pledge to the American flag.

Troop bivouacs are scheduled for Troop participation on a weekend. Troop bivouacs are for Troop education and Troop field training. Bivouacs begin with Troop formation, raising of the flag, pledge of allegiance to the flag and a prayer. Troop bivouacs will end with Troop formation, lowering of the flag and prayer. On memorial occasions and special events a benediction will be given before the closing prayer.

Troop maneuvers are Troop deployment to participate in war games and military tactics. Troop maneuvers begin with Troop formation and a prayer. The American flag must be flown 50 feet from the command post when on a Troop maneuver. Only an honor squad will participate in the raising and lowering of the American flag when on a Troop maneuver. Bugle call will be played when the flag is raised and lowered. The entire Troop camp will stop and come to attention when bugle call is played.

Troops will be attached to one field command, one Special Forces unit and one MOS.

Troops must always be in uniform when in the field, at a Troop meet, on a bivouac or on maneuvers. The uniform is the ACU digital pattern with black or tan boots. The ACU uniform is for field maneuvers and Troop meets. The Dress Blues are for military parade and special honors. The ACU uniform and the Dress Blues are NOT to be worn in public. Uniforms are to be worn only on active duty. No Exception, military rule.

Troops will keep their uniforms clean and in parade condition. Patches and insignia are to be worn on Troops uniforms in uniformity with all other Troops. Upper ranking Troops will assist lower ranking Troops with uniform conformity to MSA uniform regulations.

The MSA Does NOT Use “Live Fire” Ammunition.
The MSA standard army rifle is a tactical style Air Rifle.
Standard Ammo – Pellet.   Troops rifle is to be kept clean and unloaded. Never is the rifle to be loaded except on the firing range with a qualified shooting instructor.
This includes even at home. No Exceptions, military rule.
Troops will qualify either as marksman, sharpshooter or expert.

Troops must complete all the MSA requirements for advancement in rank.
Rank is earned through dedication and hard work. Leadership is the quality of a soldier who moves up quickly through the ranks. Officers and Non Commission officers are required to assist lower ranking Troop one rank below to achieve the next rank up.

Troops must demonstrate a good will in the community and complete a required project of peace and freedom to advance in rank.

Enlisted rank and file must complete 5 projects of freedom beginning with the rank of First Sergeant. 1 project of freedom must be completed before advancing to the next rank. When 5 projects are completed a Medal of Freedom will be awarded to the Troop.

Officers will complete 5 projects of peace beginning with the rank of Second Lieutenant. 1 project of peace must be completed before advancing to the next rank. When 5 projects are completed a Medal of Peace will be awarded to the Troop.

All Troops will participate in close order drill during military training and will be attached to either the Honor Guard, Color Guard, Colonial Guard or Drum & Bugle Corps for military parade march at special events or on memorial occasions.

Troops must adhere to the MSA Code of Ethics and take a pledge of honor and loyalty.

The MSA Code of Ethics:
Troops are responsible to their Creator.
Troops value God, life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness above all.
Troops will not lie, cheat or steal.
Troops will uphold the highest standard to be an honorable scout and demonstrate a code of integrity.
Troops are loyal.
Troops do not participate in unruly or outrageous behavior.
Troops are organized prepared and ready.
Troops are not slothful.
Troops are respectful of others.
Troops obey the laws of the land.
Troops will defend and protect all life.
Troops will perform their duty with courage, honor and efficiency.
Troops will embrace good and shun evil.
Troops will command the respect, confidence and trust of others.

Violation of a general order may result in camp restriction, camp punishment, a lowering in rank or court martial.
An extreme violation or numerous violations may result in a full discharge.
Charges filed against a Troop will first go through the committee of the provost martial for review to decide if charges should be heard. The committee will consist of 3 officers and 4 non-commission officers at the rank of E8 or above.
Troop will be given a full military review before the military council at which time the Troop may present a defense of all the charges.
Troop has the right of representation. The verdict will be decided by the military council which is made up of 5 Troop Officers and 2 Adult Officers.
Troops may appeal any decision of the military counsel to the Commanding General.

Troops are representatives of the Military Scouts of America in their community.

Troops will perform their duties in the Military Scouts and in their community with courage and honor.

Troops in their MSA creed to God, Country, Freedom, Duty and Honor will Stand Tall and Be Free.

Troops will be Prepared and Ready.

Troops will be loyal patriots to their faith in God and in their duty to country will honor the American flag for what it stands for, life, liberty and justice for all.

Welcome To The Military Scouts of America.

God Bless America.

Land Of The Free - Home Of The Brave.

MSA Associates Regulations
(Parents & Guardians)

The Pledge & Oath

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