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( Military Occupational Specialty )

Troop will participate in training of all military combat units and will be assigned to one specific unit. Troop will wear the patch of the assigned unit on the left arm upper sleeve.

Troop is required to participate in all educational MOS training and will be assigned to one specific MOS.  Troop may choose which MOS he or she wishes to be assigned.

General Staff  Personnel   Intelligence  Medical Corps  Military Police

Transportation Corps  Communications Corps  Chemical Corps

Cyber Corps  Corps of Engineering  Signal Corps

Quartermaster Corps  Ordnance Corps  Psychological Corps

Historic Unit Patches Are Awarded On Merit.

Special Forces  Airborne  Infantry  Paratrooper

Armor  Artillery  Marine  Air Corps  Ranger

Adapt - Improvise - Overcome

Adjutant General  Inspector General  Judge Advocate   Provost Marshall

Drum & Bugle Corps   Honor Guard  Color Guard   Historical Guard

Prepared & Ready, Stand Tall - Be Free.

Military Scout Training Starts Here

Pledge of Allegiance & Oath

US Army Chaplain School

Adjutant General

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