The United States Army

Officer Rank Insignia

Military Scouts of America
Military Scouts Rank And Training.
Troops must follow the orders of the commanding officer.
Troops are responsible for their own actions.
Troops in the field will respect the rights of other Troops.
Troops must attend at least 3 out of 5 Troop meets or bivouacs to be considered for rank.
Troops will be attached to one field command, one Special Forces unit and one MOS unit.
Troops must always be in uniform when at a Troop meet, on a bivouac or on maneuvers.
The uniform is the ACU digital pattern with black or tan boots. The ACU uniform and the Dress Blues are NOT to be worn in public. Uniforms are to be worn only on MSA Troop active duty.
Troops must complete all the MSA requirements for advancement in rank.

Troop Meets - Bivouacs - Maneuvers

Pledge of Allegiance

Enlisted Rank Insignia

1st Meet: Recruit E1, Orientation.
God, Freedom, Courage, Duty, Honor.
MSA Rules and Regulations.
Take Pledge and Oath.
MSA Cap & MSA T Shirt.
Patch - US Army.

2nd Meet: Private 1st Class E3.
Training - Gun Safety,
Know First 5 General Orders.
Activity - Shooting Range.
Patch Big Red 1 (Infantry).


3rd Meet: Specialist E4.
Training - Personnel.
Know All 11 General Orders.
Activity Hiking, Fishing.
Patch Personnel.

4th Meet: Staff Sergeant E6.
Training - Chaplain.
Education - American History.
Activity - Swim and Dive,
Patch - Chaplain.


5th Meet: Master Sergeant E8.
Training - Quartermaster.
Education - US Constitution.
Activity - Rope and Knots.
Patch Quartermaster.


6th Meet: Sergeant Major E9.
Training - Cyber Corps.
Education - America History.
Activity - Biking.
Patch Cyber Corps.


7th Meet: Sergeant Major Of The Military E9.
Training - Education.
Education US Constitution .
Activity Archery, Hiking.
Patch Education.


8th Meet: Chief Warrant Officer.
Training - Engineering.
Education - American History.
Activity Engineering, Rockets.
Patch Corps of Engineers.


9th Meet: First Lieutenant.
Training - Chemical.
Education - Constitution.
Patch Chemical Corp.


10th Meet: Major.
Training - Finance.
Education - American History.
Patch Finance.

1st Bivouac: Private E2.
Basic Training - Camp, First Aid,
First 5 General Orders.
Activity March & Drill
Patch Medical Corps.

2nd Bivouac: Corporal E4.
Training - General Staff, Rank.
Learn 6 11 General Orders.
Activity - Qualify Shooting Range.
Patch Command Central.
Badge - Expert/Sharpshooter/Marksman


3rd Bivouac: Sergeant E5.
Training - Drum & Bugle.
Education - Job Career.
Activity - Hiking, Drill.
Badge Bugle.


4th Bivouac: Sergeant
1st Class E7.
Training - Survival.
Education Military History,
Activity - Hiking, Self Defense.
Patch 8th Path Finders


5th Bivouac: 1st Sergeant E8.
Training - High Tech.
Education - Military Tactics
Activity - Hiking, Rock Climbing.
Patch Comm. & Electronics.


6th Bivouac: Command Sergeant Major E9.
Training - Transport.
Education - Military History,
Activity - Drum & Bugle.
Patch Transport.


7th Bivouac: Warrant Officer.
Training - Signal Corps.
Education - Military Tactics,
Activity Model Boating.
Patch 1st Signal Brigade.


8th Bivouac: Second Lieutenant.
Training - Military History.
Sword Presented To New Officers.
Patch - US Cavalry.


9th Bivouac: Captain.
Training - Military Tactics.
Education - Military History.
Activity - Hiking, Shooting Range
Patch 82 Airborne.


10th Bivouac: Lieutenant Colonel.
Training - Military History.
Education - US Constitution
Patch 1st Calvary.


1st Maneuver:
Camp Liberty. Infantry
Patch Infantry Riffles

2nd Maneuver:
Cherokee National Forest. Ranger
Patch Ranger.

3rd Maneuver:
Camp Liberty. Paratrooper
Patch 101st Airborne.

4th Maneuver:
Ocoee River. Special Forces
Patch Special Forces.

5th Maneuver:
Camp Liberty. Artillery
Patch Artillery.

6th Maneuver:
Fall Creek Falls. Marine
Patch 3rd Infantry Marine.

7th Maneuver:
Camp Liberty. Armor
Patch 3rd Armor Spearhead.

8th Maneuver:
Cherokee National Forest. Military Police
Patch M.P.

9th Maneuver:
Camp Liberty. Air Corps.
Patch Air Corps

10th Maneuver:
Hiawassee River. Intelligence
Patch Intelligence

The MSA Purple Heart
Awarded to Troops who
are injured in the field.

Purple Heart History

Occupational Specialty.

Required Reading To Advance
In Rank.   US Army MOS


A Post Meet, a Post Bivouac or a Post Maneuver is a Troop Deployment that is not graded for rank advancement.

Rank: Colonel
Rank Held By Troop Leaders.
Patch Command General Staff.

Rank: One Star Brigadier General
Rank Held By MSA Instructors.
Patch - Allied Forces Patch,

Rank: Two Star Major General
Commander Of The Military
Patch Army Ground Forces Patch.

MSA Troop Formation.
Unit: 5 military scouts, Corporal or Sergeant.

Platoon: 4 Squads, 40 Scouts, 1st Lieutenant or Captain.

Battalion: 4 Companies, 640 Scouts, Major or Lt Colonel.

Brigade: 4 Regiments, 10,240 Scouts, Colonel.

Squad: 2 Units, 10 Scouts, Sergeant or 2nd Lieutenant.

Company: 4 Platoons, 160 Scouts, Captain or Major.

Regiment: 4 Battalion, 2,560 Scouts, Lt Colonel or Colonel.

Division: 4 Brigades (States), 40,960 Scouts, General.

12 Divisions - 1 Army, 1 Commander In Chief.

Special Service:

Presidents Service

Christian Service

Community Service

Public Service

  MSA Band

  Honor Guard

Color Guard

Colonial Guard

Historic Guard

Special Operations Training:


Finance Corps

Inspector General

Adjutant General

Psychological Corps

Ordnance Corps

Judge Advocate

Provost Marshall

Medial Corps

Cyber Corps

Corps of Engineers

Chemical Corps


Transportation Corps


Signal Corps

Special MSA Duty:

1st Army
God & Country.

2nd Army
Right To Life.

3rd Army
Public Service.

4th Army
Community Service.

5th Army
Homeless Americans.

6th Army
Children's Programs.

7th Army
Senior Citizens.

8th Army
Food Banks.

9th Army

10th Army
Patriotic Duty.

Special MSA Mission:

2nd Infantry
MSA Competition.

4th Infantry
MSA Field Trip.

5th Infantry
MSA Camp Project.

6th Infantry
Post Maneuvers.

7th Infantry
March & Parade.

9th Infantry
Emergency Service.

10th Infantry
MSA Fund Raising.

12th Infantry
MSA Promotion.

70th Infantry
National Forest.

100th Infantry
MSA Energy.

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